The Tourist Sound Clips

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"I'm Elise"
"I'm Frank."
"That's a terrible name."
[laughs] "It's the only one I got."
"Maybe we can find you another."
"Okay." (size 1.84 MB)

"I'm having dinner, if you'd care to join me." (size 659k)

"You're ravenous."
"Do you mean ravishing?"
"I do." (size 868k)

"Where I come from, the highest compliment they can offer a person is to say they are 'down to earth'. Grounded. " (size 1.53 MB)

"You are the least down to earth person I've ever met." (size .99 MB)

"Hello? Please help!"
"Buon giorno, signore."
"Bonjovi. I need help. There are two men trying to break down the door." (size 1.35 MB)

"Why is all this happening? Why's everyone trying to kill me?" (size 809k)

"Could you ever feel like that about someone like me?" (465k)

"I don't regret it, you know. Kissing you." (708k)

"No, Elise, this is the one place on Earth I should be." (size 504k)

"Who are you people? Where are we going?" (size 279k)

"Please. You can't do this. I haven't done anything. I shouldn't be here." (size 990k)

"I'll say it again. You let her go, I'll open the safe." (size 801k)

"I'm Alexander Pierce." (size 206k)

"Are you with me this time?" (size 415k)