Sleepy Hollow Sound Clips

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"Go out, child. Keep away. Whatever you hear, keep away."
"What might he hear that he must keep away from?" (158k)

"You have moved the body?"
"I did."
"You must never move the body."
"Why not?"
"Because." (66k)

"I am Constable Ichabod Crane, sent to you from New York to investigate murder in Sleepy Hollow." (59k)

"Is he dead?"
"That's the problem. He was dead to begin with." (96k)

"It's all right. I am here now." (24k)

"It was a headless horseman!"
"You must not excite yourself..."
"But it was a headless horseman!"
"Of course it was. That's why you're here."
"No, you must believe me. It was a horseman... a dead one... headless!"
"I know, I know."
"You don't know because you were not there! It's all true!"
"Of course it is. I told you... everyone told you." (189k)

"Murder needs no ghost come from the grave. We have murders in New York without benefit of ghouls and goblins. The assassin is a man of flesh and blood, and I will discover him." (260k)

"I beg pardon, but why am I the only one who sees that to solve crimes, to detect the guilty, we must use our brains to recognize vital clues using up-to-date scientific techniques." (142k)

"It is truth... but truth is not always appearance." (37k)

"I should like to say that I make no assumptions about your occupation nor your ways, witch... WHICH... which... which... are nothing to me, whatever you are. Each to his own..." (129k)

"The attacker rode Masbath down... turned his horse... came back... came back to claim the head!" (226 k)

"All right, Gunpowder, we're off. Come on... No, no... come on, the other way..." (153k)

"We are dealing with a madman." (65k)

"How often do I have to tell you, there is no horseman. There never was a horseman. There never will be a horseman." (119k)

"And who are you, friend? We have not heard your name yet."
"I have not said it." (92k)

"I will need to operate immediately."
"Operate? She's dead."
"When we say 'operate', we mean, of course, I will need the operating table." (221k)

"I hope you have a strong stomach." (43k)

"Do you think me wicked?"
"No... but perhaps there is a bit of witch in you, Katrina."
"Why do you say that?"
"Because you have bewitched me." (296k)

"I have faced my fears and come out determined to locate the horseman's grave -- in short, to pit myself against a murdering ghost." (172k)

"Magistrate Phillips... who tried to cut and run, and lost his head." (135k)

"Will you take nothing from Sleepy Hollow that was worth the coming here?"
"No... no, not nothing. A kiss... from a lovely young woman before she saw my face or knew my name." (388k)

"Katrina! I might have killed you. Why have you come?"
"Because no one else would go with you."
"Well, I am now twice the man. It is your white magic." (294k)

"Take the indian trail to the tree of the dead..."
"How will we recognize it?"
"Without difficulty, I rather think... and climb down to the horseman's resting place."
"His camp?"
"His grave." (232k)

"It was an evil spirit possessed you. I pray God it is satisfied now and that you find peace. The evil eye has done its work. My life is over, spare for a lifetime of horrors in my sleep, waking each day to grief." (372k)

"Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue." (102k)

"I think you loved me that day when you followed me into the western woods, to have braved such peril." (102k)