Rango Sound Clips

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"Crunchy, creamy, cookie, candy, cupcake" (size 497k)

"What our story needs is an ironic, unexpected event that will propel the hero into conflict." (size 935k)

"So you mean that just now that was you crossing the road? That's why the 'relm, errr, phphphsh'? Why'd you do that?" (size 1.13 MB)

"Who am I? I could be anyone." (size 878k)

"The name's Rango." (size 546k)

"Number seven? Hell, [sniff], he died of infection." (size 725k)

"What do ya think of the new duds? I got a ten-gallon hat marked down from fifteen."
(size 561k)

"Got your shovel, pickaxe, Benedryl, loofa, assorted snacks, some puzzle books, and you're going to need a permit." (size 875k)

"Luckily, I'm immune to his venom. Put some in my coffee just to give it a little tang."
(size 644k)

"We'll find the water, Beans. I promise you." (size 551k)

"But I'm going to strip away this mystery and expose its private parts." (size 718k)

"Believe in me. Believe in that there sign. For as long as it hangs there, we got hope."
(size 1.57 MB)

"Who am I? I am nobody." (size 963k)

"Yeah, but my deeds just made things worse. I'm a fraud. I'm a phony." (size 675k)

"No man can walk out on his own story. I'm going back." (size 1.02 MB)

"It only takes one bullet."
"You ain't got the nerve."
"Try me." (size 1.18 MB)

"Beans! Hold on. Don't worry, I got a plan. Help! Open the door!" (size 1.26 MB)

"Well, I don't know about you all but I could sure go for a dip." (size 551k)