Platoon Sound Clips

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"He said, 'Alright, I'm going to need you for, you know, about thirteen weeks. We're going to be in the jungle. It's going to be awful conditions, you know. Are you ready to do that?' And I said, 'Ah, yes. Absolutely.'" (1.51 MB)

"He said, 'We're going to The Phillipines.' I'd never been out of the country before." (684 KB)

"Everybody was saying, 'Listen. Don't go to the Phillipines. Don't, don't do that.'" (967 KB)

"The rations, you know, that we were given to eat was the most shocking thing that you'd ever seen." (1.05 MB)

"Bean Component I think was the name of one of them. Bean Component. Turkey Loaf. I'd eaten my socks at that point." (1.22 MB)

"It was my post. I was on duty. I was suppose to watch for the potential ambush, and I was just knackered, man." (1.47 MB)

"I thought he was a madman, one of those guys that sort of rides that fine line between brilliance and explosion of the brain." (1.36 MB)

"I woke up to this gun, you know, in the back of my, like on the back of my neck. Dale said, 'You're dead, Johnny.' Click." (1.37 MB)

"He'd just scream, 'Cut!' Then he'd say, 'Bullshit! Do it again!' And you'd start it again, you know, you'd just crank up and do it again. He'd cut you again. He'd say, 'Bullshit! Fucking liar! Do it again!'" (2.07 MB)

"You'd hate him. In the moment, you'd hate him. But that would take you to the next level, and the next level, and the next level." (1.22 MB)