Once Upon a Time In Mexico Sound Clips

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"Mexico is my beat, and I'm walking it." (60k)

"Are you trying to give me a boner?" (40k)

"Why? Why would I want that? Why would I want bubblegum?" (46k)

"So, why me?"
"Well, frankly, because you've got nothing to live for." (78k)

"I can't see, fuckmook, I have no eyes." (74k)

"Fuck off." (12k)

"You're a good rat. I like you." (46k)

"I know what it means. Thank you." (51k)

"All right... time to get messy." (76k)

"Are you a Mexi-CAN or a Mexi-CAN'T?" (81k)

"You wanna know the secret to winning? One has to rig the game." (64k)

"Do you want me to shoot the cook?"
"No, I'll shoot the cook. My car's parked out back anyway." (98k)

"It might get a wee bit dangerous there, Sugarbutt, so, uh..." (76k)

"Hello... Can you hear me now?" (54k)

"Okay... fucking bells..." (70k)

"Okay... okay... I'm going to freak right out." (60k)

"Look me in the eyes... and then kill me." (107k)

"I don't hear you running." (38k)