Lost in La Mancha Sound Clips

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"Cut Bob!" ( 128k)

"So, it's a domino effect." ( 195k)

"It's just a dream. Doesn't hurt. Doesn't hurt. Really." (514k)

"Didn't read like a screenplay - read like this beautiful...sort of, epic, hilarious poem. You know?" (1.53MB)

"Terry, is a great dreamer. He's able to sort of put his visions into an area and make them come true." (1.04MB)

"There's this myth of the irresponsible...um, psychotic, you know, filmmaker, Terry Gilliam. And it's absolutely untrue." (1.41MB)

"I think there's a lot of great similiarities between Terry and Tim. At the same time, great, great differences. Two of the most important filmmakers certainly in the last twenty years." (2.31MB)

"With hail, you know, rocks...like, like that. I mean... enormous...our pockets were filled with ice, I mean, from the sky. It was absurd." (1.84MB)

"And then, the next thing you heard and saw between the set where we were shooting and the base camp which was where our trailers were...you heard the plane scream in and then a bomb exploding...you know [sound of bomb]." ( 2.94 MB)

"It felt great, it really felt great. And it felt like it was going to be an amazing film, a really funny film, a really profound film, really deep. Just a beautiful Terry Gilliam film." (2.09MB)

"Freaked out about you know, going to work together, having to lie to one another in the daytime, you know, on camera, you know that kind of thing. It was a little bit strange, but I figured we'd get over in the first couple of days." (1.88MB)