Ed Wood Sound Clips

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"I like to wear women's clothes; panties, brassieres, sweaters, pumps. It's just something I do." (.99M)

"This story is gonna grab people. It's about this guy. He's crazy about this girl but he likes to wear dresses. Should he tell her? Should he not tell her? He's torn, Georgie. This is drama!" (1.61M)

"I like to dress in women's clothing." (324k)

"Hit the bars. Work some parties. Get me transvestites! I need transvestites!" (796k)

"I'm directing!" (176k)

"What are you drinking, Bella?"
"Straight up or on the rocks?" (1.16M)

"My gosh, Bella. How do you do that?" (446k)

"Don't worry Bella. I won't let you down." (716k)

"Don't you think angora has a tactile sensuality lacking in all other clothes?" (919k)

"Bella. Wake up. I got some great news. The doctor says you're all better and you can go home now." (1.38M)

"Cathy, I'm about to tell you something that I never told any girl on a first date. But I think it is important that you know. I like to wear women's clothes." (1.64M)

"No, not at all. I love women. Wearing their clothes makes me feel closer to them." (618k)

"But if you take that crap and put a star in it then you got something." (504k)

"You should feel lucky. Eddie's the only fella in town that doesn't pass judgment on people.
"That's right. If I did, I wouldn't have any friends." (1.16M)

"You know, hun, when you rewrite a script it just gets better and better." (502k)

"This is the acorn that will grow a great oak." (386k)

"Keep Sunday open. The producers want us to get baptised." (380k)

"Look. Lagosi is dead and Vampira won't talk. I had to give someone the dialogue." (566k)

"Are you people insane?! I'm the director! I make the casting decisions around here!" (58.4k)

"This is the one. This is the one I'll be remembered for." (728k)