Don Juan DeMarco Sound Clips

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"No woman has ever left my arms unsatisfied." (61k)

"This is why, at 21, I have determined to end my life. But first, one final conquest..." (245k)

"Oh, well... now I must die." (54k)

"Every true lover knows that the moment of greatest satisfaction comes when ecstasy is long over, and he beholds before him the flower which has blossomed beneath his touch." (253k)

"I am Don Juan DeMarco." (43k)

"Have you ever met a woman who inspires you to love? Until your every sense is filled with her... you inhale her... you taste her... you see your unborn children in her eyes and know that your heart has at last found a home. Your life begins with her, and without her, it must surely end." (608k)

"Every woman is a mystery to be solved." (62k)

"I give women pleasure, if they desire it. It is, of course, the greatest pleasure they will ever experience." (205k)

"Although there is no metaphor that truly describes making love to a woman, the closest is playing a rare musical instrument. I wonder... does a Strativarius violin feel the same rapture as the violinist when he coaxes a single perfect note from its heart?" (431k)

"One night, I watched Dona Querida at the window in her slip, and noticed for the first time how a woman's underclothing barely touches her skin... how it rides on a cushion of air as she moves... how the silk floats about her body, brushing her flesh like an angel's wings... and I understood how a woman must be touched." (564k)

"These women, their fingers have the same sensitivities as their legs. The fingertips have the same feelings as their feet. And when you touch their knuckles, it is like passing your hands around their knees. And this tender, fleshy part of the finger is the same as brushing your hands around their thighs. And finally... Every woman is a mystery to be solved. But a woman hides nothing from a true lover." (411k)