Dead Man Sound Clips

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"Well, I received a letter from people at Dickinson's Metal Works assuring me of a job."
"Is that so?"
"Yes. I'm an accountant." (157M)

"What is your name?"
"My name is Nobody."
"Escuse me?"
"My name is Exaybachay, he who talks loud saying nothing." (2.17M)

"I've already told you that I don't smoke. If I don't smoke there is a pretty good chance that I don't have any tobacco." (1.02M)

"You know I've had it up to here with this Indian malarky. I haven't understood a single word you said since I met you. Not one single word." (1.02M)

"It's so strange that you don't remember any of your poetry."
"I don't know anything about poetry."
"Oh, you're so modest." (1.49M)

"Wanted. For the brutal murders of one Thel Russell and one Charles Ludlow Dickinson. I didn't kill Thel. I didn't kill Thel." (2.53M)

"Did William Blake kill this white man?"
"Yes. William Blake killed a white man." (782k)

"You William Blake?"
"Yes, I am. Do you know my poetry?" (1.01M)

"I'd like some tobacco, please." (356k)

"Nobody, is this the boat that will take me across the mirror of water?" (904k)

"I prepared your canoe with cedar boughs. Time for you to leave now, William Blake. Time for you to go back to where you came from."
"You mean Cleveland?"
"Back to the place where all the spirits came from. And where all the spirits return." (320M)

"I found some tobacco."
"That tobacco is for your voyage, William Blake." (1.55M)