The Brave Sound Clips

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"Are you afraid to die?"
"Are you?" (381k)

"How much will I be paid for that?" (373k)

"I got a job."
"Got a job. Or did a job?"
"Got a job. A real job." (1.56MB)

"One second...stop...Stop! Keep your eyes closed." (346k)

"I didn't rob nobody. You can think what you want, but I know the truth. I been missing for a long time, I know. Everything's gonna be different now, I promise. I want to provide for my family."
"You want to provide for your family? First you gotta love them." (3.83MB)

"'Cause someday, you're gonna get out of're gonna have a chance to be somebody. You hear me?" (1.59MB)

"'Cause anything happens to're the man of the house. Think you can do that?"
"I think so."

"What's the matter?"
"I heard Mamma say you might go back to jail again."
"No...I ain't going back to jail."
"Yeah, I promise."

"You know on Sunday we're going to have a big fiesta, Father and...uh...I just know that Rita would love for you to be there."
"I'll be at the church...if you need me."
"You'll be there if I don't, too, won't you?" (3.26MB)

"What do you remember?" (562k)

"Listen to did a brave thing, did a brave thing and... I'm proud of you." (1.97MB)

"You're a man, now." (404k)

"I love you, Papa".
"I love you, too." (1.16MB)

"Please. I need your help." (1.71MB)

"Then why are you here?"
"For Rita...and my kids." (1.41MB)

"Is God gonna let them live here? You and the Church gonna buy 'em a house? Maybe the Government, maybe they'll do something? What do you think?" (1.19MB)

"Oh, no Father, I sold my body, like a whore. The Church forgives whores every day." (1.43MB)