Arizona Dream Sound Clips

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"Good morning, Columbus." (218k)

"I remember my father once said that if you ever wanted to look at someone's soul, you have to ask to look at their dreams." (1.02 MB)

"People think that fish are stupid but I was always sure that they weren't because they know when to be quiet, and it's people who are stupid and fish that know everything and don't need to think." (1.36 MB)

"I feel shitty, oh so shitty. I feel shitty, so shitty and bright." (1.99 MB)

You think anybody fuckin' touches Johnny Depp's face?" (382k)

"(sigh) Hello. Hello! Hello." (901k)

"Don't call me an idiot." (221k)

"She's taking down her pantyhose." (303k)

Alex cackling, Grace palying accordion. (2.81 MB)