Collaboration With Vanessa Paradis

Updated August 3, 2013

Johnny has been involved in many different aspects of Vanessa's music career. He wrote music, played guitar on stage and on her albums, directed and made brief appearances in her music videos, and created artwork for her album covers.

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Bliss - Released in 2000, Bliss was Vanessa Paradis' fourth album. Johnny co-wrote the music for "St. Germain" and "Bliss", played lead guitar on "Firmaman" and directed the music videos "Pourtant" and "Que fait la vie". In a scene from the music video "Pourtant", Johnny's hand is seen sweeping gently over Vanessa's face. Additionally, Johnny's artwork of Vanessa appears on the album's cover.

Cover art for Bliss

"Pourtant" and "Que fait la vie?" Music Videos on Vanessa Paradis' official website

"L'incendie" - Divinidylle was released following a seven-year hiatus from recording after Bliss, and also features Johnny's artwork on the cover. The music video for its seventh track, "L'incendie", was directed by Johnny. In the video, a man wearing a hat is shown in silhouette watching Vanessa perform on stage to an empty theater. The man is believed to be Johnny.

Cover art for Divinidylle

"L'incendie" Music Video on Vanessa Paradis' official website

"Il y a" - The album, Best of Vanessa Paradis, was released November 2009. In addition to her previously released songs, the album contains two new songs. Johnny directed the music video for one of the new songs, "Il y a", which was released in mid-October 2009. He also made several brief appearances in the video.

"Il y a" Music Video on Vanessa Paradis' official website

"New Year" - Vanessa, Johnny, and their daughter Lily-Rose collaborated on "New Year", a track on Vanessa's album Love Songs which was released on May 13, 2013. In an interview with Grazia magazine (German), Vanessa explained, "Johnny wrote the chorus and one day our daughter, who was younger at the time, just sang a melody on the track. We recorded the song and I still have that recording, because to me it was incredibly beautiful. Now I decided to turn it into a complete song. The record is eternal and even when we're all gone one day, this special project between daughter, mother and Johnny will live on. It's a beautiful thought and very precious to me."

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