Bill Carter, Gibby Haynes, Sal Jenco and Johnny Depp

While filming What's Eating Gilbert Grape in Texas, Johnny and Sal Jenko (Johnny's friend and fellow 21 Jump Street cast-member) met local musicians Bill Carter and Gibby Haynes. P was borne from their common interests - music and food.

Their first gig was at the Austin Music Awards at Palmer Auditorium in Austin, Texas in March of 1993. They also often performed at The Viper Room. On November 11, 1995, P released an album of the same name, featuring original songs that included titles such as "Michael Stipe", "White Man Sings the Blues" and "I Save Cigarette Butts." P's music is best described as an eclectic mix of styles, from tracks that hint of honky-tonk to others with a distinct grunge sound, in what has been described as rash, raw and irreverent.

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Austin, Texas, March 17, 1993

The Viper Room, West Hollywood, California, October 1994

In December 1997, P performed in Vienna, Austria at two venues. The first, for a fashion show, was at a ballroom called Sofiensale. The second performance was at a club called U4.

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Sofiensale, Vienna, Austria, December 12, 1997

U4, Vienna, Austria, December 15, 1997

Johnny describes P as a "group of four friends who like to laugh, goof around and make noise together." He said that his association with P and recording their album was beneficial for him because it provided an escape when he was "not really in shape." He called it a "lifesaver."

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