Johnny Depp Magazine Articles 2014

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Entertainment Weekly
May 2, 2014
["My Kind of Madman"] is Johnny's words, as told to Clark Collins, about Ralph Steadman (the artist and friend of Hunter S. Thompson). [Depp] gives a history of Steadman and his work with Thompson, and explains the relationship the three of them shared has been one of respect laced with a great deal of insults. He recounts how Steadman's illustrations contributed to Fear and Loathing, and what an honor working on For No Good Reason was. (Summery contributed by Katie V.)

American Cinematographer
May 2014
Jess Hall, director of photography, discusses the technological aspects of filming Transcendence. The entire article can be found at The American Society of Cinematographers' website.

April, 2014
Johnny talks openly with Iggy Pop (singer, songwriter, musician, actor and friend). The result reads more like a conversation with a friend than an a typical interview. You can read the entire interview on Interview magazine's website. Photos by Bruce Weber published with the article can be found here.

Story Magazine
Spring 2014
Johnny contributes his thoughts in this special Hunter S. Thomas tribute edition of Story Magazine.

March, 2014
As part of the Bailey's Heroes feature from the March issue, Bruce Robinson discusses drinking with Johnny Depp and David Bailey remembers photographing the actor in a skip. (Source: GQ Magazine) Visit GQ to read the excerpts.