Johnny Depp Magazine Articles 2009

Click image to enlarge the photos featuring Johnny on the cover. The others are for reference only.

December, 2009
The December issue of Empire magazine was published with ten different covers, one for each of the most popular movie icons that have defined the decade. Jack Sparrow was among those chosen. The magazine also features an article about Pirates co-writer Terry Rossio's five reasons why Captain Jack rocks.

Entertainment Weekly
December 11, 2009
In this issue titled "Best of the Decade", Entertainment Weekly features Johnny Depp among their fifteen favorite entertainers. Johnny contributes a list of his favorite films, albums and books in "My Essentials". CLICK HERE for transcript.

November 18, 2009
Johnny Depp is once again bestowed the title of "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine.

Vanity Fair
July, 2009
Douglas Brinkly, contributing writer for Vanity Fair, accompanies Johnny Depp and a small group of friends as they set sail to Johnny's private island in the Bahamas on Johnny's yacht, the Vajoliroja. The resulting article is a rare and exceptional glimpse of Johnny Depp. The article can be found online here. Photos taken for this issue can be found here.

July, 2009
This article takes a look at the history, development and filming of Public Enemies. CLICK HERE for transcript.

Entertainment Weekly
January 9, 2009
This issues features a first look at Public Enemies. Also included is a short interview with Johnny Depp on Playing Dillinger and working with Michael Mann.