Johnny Depp Magazine Articles 2008

Click image to enlarge the photos featuring Johnny on the cover. The others are for reference only.

November, 2008 This two-page article titled "This Ain't No Disco" highlights the Sheila Witkin Memorial Concert II held in South Florida, and the local rock/pop music scene there in the 1980s. Included are photos from the concert including Johnny Depp playing guitar with The Kids.

January, 2008 In "The Continuing Adventures of Tim & Johnny", Johnny and Tim, interviewed seperately and together, discuss "What I've Learned". Photos taken for this issue can be found here.

Rolling Stone
January 24, 2008
Johnny talks about the influence music had on his life and singing in Sweeney Todd. Photos taken for this issue can be found here.

The Envelope (Los Angeles Times)
January, 2008
Johnny Depp and Tim Burton's friendship is evident as they discuss Sweeney Todd in this interview. CLICK HERE for transcript.