Happily Ever After

also known as
"Ils se marierent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants"







Is the love compatible with coupledom? And what of freedom and fidelity? These are some of the questions facing two married men. Johnny Depp appears in a cameo as L'inconnu.

Director: Yvan Attal

Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Yvan Attal, Alain Chabat, Alain Cohen, Emmanuelle Seigner, Johnny Depp

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(Compiled by Julie and Jan)

Quotes from Johnny Depp:

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Quotes from others:

"When I wrote the script [for Ils se marierent et eurent beaucoup des enfants] I thought... who will be this guy for whom all women will fall? And... right away I thought about [Johnny]!"
-- Yvan Attal

"When I wrote the [Virgin Mega store] scene, suddenly I realized who can do this, so I talked to [Johnny's] assistants. I told them very simply. I said 'here's my first film, here's the script it's a very small part so I give you everything and I hope he says yes and I hope I can meet him to explain what I can do' and the assistant rang me back and said, you know [Johnny] is in the south of France now and you can go and meet him... and I know he likes Charlotte as an actress too so we went there and we met. We talked about a lot of things and about the subject of the film. He's my age, roughly, and he has a girl and children like me and I thought I'd be there for 10 minutes, but we spent the night together talking. I wanted to write more suddenly, because I like him as an actor so I wrote the scene where they get into an elevator and the elevator goes and they are going to heaven and when I wrote the going into heaven, again it was just a way to finish, to write the feeling of it, but it's my... that gave me the idea to shoot it that way so it was very funny to shoot."
-- Yvan Attal
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