Johnny Depp Picture & Photo Galleries

Depp Impact is proud to be paparazzi-free. If you find any photos that you believe to be taken by paparazzi, please contact the Director. Depp Impact never posts unauthorized photos of Johnny and Vanessa's children.

Event Photos
Photos of Johnny Depp at movie premieres, award shows and other public events.

Guest Appearances
Photos of Johnny Depp from talk shows, music videos and other guest appearances.

Movie Screencaps
High quality DVD captures from Johnny Depp's films.

Movie Publicity Photos
Movie stills and other publicity shots related to Johnny Depp's films.

Photos from Johnny Depp's appearances in documentary films.

Photos of Johnny Depp with family members.

Famous Friends
Photos of Johnny Depp with famous friends and associates.

Photo Shoots
Professional photos of Johnny Depp, arranged chronologically by photographer's name when available.

On-the-Go Photos
Photos of Johnny Depp with fans and by fans.
Additional photos can be found in the Events galleries.

Unidentified Photos
If you have any information about these photos, please e-mail the Director.

Depp Impact acknowledges Deppography for providing information for some of the photos.