Johnny Depp's Famous Friends

Allen Ginsberg
Writer, Beat generation poet. Johnny met Allen while filming The United States of Poetry. The second photo was taken by Allen in his kitchen following the filming. April 14, 1994

Angela Lansbury
Actress, inspiration for Ichabod Crane. Actor's Fund Gala, October 30, 2004

Charlie Sheen
Actor, star of Platoon. Planet Hollywood opening, May 17, 1993

Emir Kusterica
Director of Arizona Dream,. 45th Annual Cannes Film Festival, May 8-10, 1992. Photographed by Christophe D'Yvoire.

Freddie Highmore
Starred in Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, New York City, March 7, 2006

Hunter S. Thompson
Writer, Gonzo journalist, Rolling Stone reporter and author of novels including Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Iggy Pop
Singer, songwriter, actor in The Brave, Dead Man and Cry-Baby.

J.P. Donleavy
Irish author of The Ginger Man. Ginger Man Bar, New York City, October 31, 2005

Jim Jarmusch
Director of Dead Man

Johnny Cash
Country music legend. Also pictured - June Carter Cash. Viper Room, West Hollywood, December 3, 1993

Kate Moss
British model

Keith Richards with the Rolling Stones
British rock group

Marilyn Manson

Marty Klebba
Marty from the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, October 2006

Nicolas Cage
Actor, former roommate. Decline and Fall of Western Civilization premiere, June 1, 1988

Patti Smith
Singer, songwriter, poet and visual artist

Shane MacGowan
Irish poet, singer, songwriter. September 28, 1994

Sherilyn Fenn

Soleil Moon Frye
Child star of Punky Brewster. August 5, 1988

Sylvester Stallone
Actor, star of the Rocky and Rambo films. 60th Annual Venice Film Festival, August 27-29, 2003

Taraf de Haidouks
Romanian gypsy musicians who appeared in The Man Who Cried. Paris, 1999. Photographed by Carole Morgane.

Terry Gilliam
Member of the Monty Python comedy troupe, director of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the ill-fated Don Quixote film that inspired the documentary Lost in La Mancha. Lost in La Mancha party, London, July 25, 2002

Tim Burton
Auteur, producer, artist and writer

Winona Ryder