About Us

Founded in 2000 by Trish Bennett, Depp Impact is the most complete Johnny Depp fansite in cyberspace. Once the part-time hobby of its founding member, our current Director, Susan, and her administrative team have grown Depp Impact into a comprehensive resource containing the largest collection of photo galleries, filmography and general Depp trivia of any Johnny Depp fansite on the internet. Hosting over 3,400 unique visitors a day and expanding into the social network of Facebook, our information has been carefully compiled by fans, just like you, to reflect our admiration of the man we consider the most talented actor of our time.

Despite our size and continuing growth, Depp Impact retains a homey feel. We charge no fees, sell no advertisement nor require special membership to peruse our site. There is no back door to Depp Impact - what you see is what you get. Our considerable resources are available for any and all fans interested in Johnny Depp.

Our goals are simple: first and foremost, we celebrate Johnny's artistic talents and his humanity; second, we provide Depp fans worldwide a place to learn more about Johnny and his work, and finally we provide those fans a home base where they can meet other fans. Our mission statement emphasizes respect: for Johnny and each other. To this end, Depp Impact has been a paparazzi-free zone since July of 2009, and our members, be they infrequent visitors or longtime admirers of Johnny Depp, are welcome to discuss any and all things Johnny - any time of the day or night.

Our all-volunteer administrative team, all of whom met on Depp Impact's Forums, spans the globe, from New Zealand to the United Kingdom, from Europe to the wilds of Missouri - you'll always find someone here to lend a helping hand. In addition to being Depp fans ourselves, we are wives and mothers, teachers and translators, quilters and scrapbookers. Like you, our interests are many, our time is precious and our favorite topic of discussion is Johnny Depp.