Johnny Depp Talks About His Admirers

Updated September 7, 2013

I try to meet as many people as I can... I try to sign as many things as I can. I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. Or make them think I don't have time. It's very hard because they're saying 'Please sign this! Please sign this', and then I have these guard guys pulling saying 'come on, it's time to go.' It's a little strange to be in that kind of situation.
(Source: 1988 Entertainment Tonight interview via, March 6, 2011)

I've also gotten weird letters, suicide letters, girls threatening to jump if I don't get in touch with them. So you think, "This is bullshit," but then you think, "What if it's not?" Who wants to take that chance? I write them back, tell them to hang in there, if things are that bad, they have to get better. But I'm not altogether stable myself, so who am I to give advice? (1988)

I've known that there have been a kind of select group of people, amazing die-hard supporters, even through some of the more, shall we say, odd films. These people, bless them, have stuck with me the whole length of the road. To say that you appreciate it is not nearly enough. It's part of the essence, or fuel, of what keeps you going. These people are my boss; they're the ones who keep me employed. A couple of times, they could have said, "Let's abandon him." And they haven't. You don't want to let them down. (2004)

I'd just thank the people out there who have been with my up-and-down, weird-road, strange career and supported me and stuck with me all these years. I mean, they're my boss. That's what keeps me working. (2004)

Thank you very, very much to the people. It really feels good to say that because you are, in fact, our employer. You are our boss. So, thank you very, very much for this great honor. I hope some day to make you all a cup of coffee. (Source: The People Choice Awards acceptance speech, 2005)

I am very touched and honored. It's a great privilege to receive this award from the people. We are all very, very lucky to have such great bosses which is you, the people. (Source: The 32nd People's Choice Awards acceptance speech, 2006)

It's always touching when strangers want to come up and say hello, especially kids. But it's still surprising and a little strange too. It's the sort of thing you're never ready for and never get used to - and to tell the truth, you wouldn't want to. If you did you'd come to expect it, and you'd have to be a little creepy to expect to have that all the time. (Source: Woman, January 30, 2006)

Thanks for keeping me employed. You're the boss. (Source: The People Choice Awards acceptance speech, 2007)

Beyond going onto [fan sites] to see what people are saying, the term fan is an odd term. I don't know if I like that term 'fan' - fanatic - you know. I don't quite get it. You know what I mean? People, admirers, who likes the work - that's great, that's sweet. Beyond that, there are a couple of [fan] sites that are actually very, very helpful. A couple of them I can access and I can see what's happening before I know, before my agent knows... They sift through [inaccurate information] some how. Miraculously they sift through some how. These people are able to sift through and get to the actual heart of it - the truth. Either that or they are familiar enough with me and who I am that they can slice away the crap and go straight to the heart of the matter. It's - they're - amazing. There is a lot of information out there. (Source: Unscripted Interview, 2008)

The only reason I'm here is because of them. The only reason that I still get jobs is because of those people out there who are hanging out in the street waiting to get something signed or say 'hi' and shake your hand. So if they want me to come and say 'hi', I am more than happy to say 'hi' and I'll do it for as long as they want me to do it. They're keeping me alive. They're keeping my kiddies fed so they're the boss as far as I'm concerned. (Source: Entertainment Tonight, June 18, 2009)

It's the smallest way of saying 'thank you' to the people who keep not only me employed but all of us employed, these people who go and see the film, these people who tuned into the programs. That's the least I can do. -On spending an hour signing autographs at the London premiere of Public Enemies (Source: BBC News, July 3, 2009)

That is exactly what [making movies] is all about. To be given the opportunity to present something to these people who go out and spend their hard-earned money, to give a couple hours of their life, to be able to entertain them and they can escape from their normal everyday life, and I can escape from my normal everyday life. It's a nice little give and take. (Source: Access, February 14, 2011)

I think of the people as my boss. I think of them as my employer because if they didn't go and spend that dough to watch the movie, I wouldn't have a gig. They're the ones that you make the things for. They're the ones you try to surprise. There the ones you try to make laugh. They're the ones you... you know, 'cause they keep you, they've kept me going for a long time, and there is really no reason for that. I can't figure out why I'm still here. (Source: Zoomin.TV - UK, April 18, 2013)